• Learn


    Check out some of our video tutorials, or read about some of the cool projects you can make using electrical components! We start from the very basics, and work up to advanced circuits utilizing the latest in technology. All our code is open source on GitHub, and all our projects are free to use!

  • Prototyping


    MDS has several products that scale from beginner electronics to advanced circuit design. We also stock several common parts that can be used to build all of the circuits on our website. Check out the kits we provide, as well as our custom DIP packaged modules.

  • USB Mini


    Have you created a cool circuit that you'd like to share online? Post your circuit on youtube, or submit them to us to share on our site. Do you have a cool new feature that you'd like to see us support? You can vote on features that others want, and help steer the direction of MDS.