Product Description

We call this series the “Intelligent Capacitance Level switch series”. And we do so because MP-SLC has a microprocessor that checks the complete system (including itself) before validating a signal. You will see a flashing green LED that serves as heartbeat to indicate a healthy system. In the case of a system fault ,which may result due to incorrect wiring, open or short sensor connection, inadequate probe insulation improper grounding or electronic insert failure, the heartbeat stops fault LED glows, display indicates “E—“ and the relay contacts revert to their fail-safe condition.


Electronic Insert – LCD 312

Plastic with electronics potted in epoxy resin.
20 V DC max. 10 mA. derived from Evaluation Unit.
Measuring Frequency
33 K Hz (approx.)
Operating Temperature
-20o C to + 60o C.




Cast Aluminium , SS, FRP-coated, HDPE.


Flanged or Screwed as per requirement.


150 mm to 3000 mm in Rod, Greater than 3000 mm in Rope.


Part or full PVC, PTFE, Ceramic (Part only) depending on service temperature of 80o C, 200o C or 400o C respectively.


Evaluation Unit


Cast aluminium, Weather-proof Stoving enamel painted, suitable for back panel/wall mounting.

Cable Entries

3 Nos. of ½” BSP

Mains Voltage

110 V or 230 V AC (-10 to +10%) 50 Hz (as specified in order).

Power Consumption

5 VA approx.

Initial Capacitance Adjustment

30 pF to 280 pF in two selectable ranges.


2½ digit, 0.5 inch Red LED display; 2 inch display is also available in separate housing

Operating Temperature

-20o C to +60o C

Utilizable Capacitance Variation

10 pF to 4500 pF in three selectable ranges.


± 2% of the F.S.D.


0 -100% digital display 0/4 -20 mA into RL max. 400 Ohms and 0 -5 V
DC for RL >25 KW for remote indicators and recorders.


185 mm x 185 mm x 85 mm


2.3 Kg (approx.)