High Speed USB + DIP

The USB Mini uses a high speed USB chip, which is also full speed capable. Providing a 5 volt power and ground to your breadboard, the USB Mini is able to power all types of circuits that you may be prototyping. This frees you from batteries and wires, and allows you to focus on creating cool circuits! We've also included 8 GPIO pins that are high speed accessible, allowing for some truly awesome applications of this DIP packaged product.


This tiny board packs quite the punch! It includes a 64kB EEPROM for program, VID and PID storage for the USB device. The USB chip itself has an integrated 8051 microprocessor which comes proloaded with a basic program for I2C, SPI and DIPIO communication. We're also busy writing some very useful alternative programs, which include data loggers and SD card storage! Finally, the 8 GPIO pins can be configured to be anything you can dream of, and we have tutorials showing how to accomplish this.

Open Source

All of the Cypress code that we release is also open source on our GitHub repository. Simply load up the trial version of the Keil compiler to get our code up and running, and use our .Net/Mono based tools to load your custom code onto the USB Mini. Why not share your design with everyone else, and show off your latest creation!

Cross Platform

MDS strives to support as many platforms as possible, and all of our code is written to run on all major operating systems. This include Windows, Mac OS X and many flavours of Linux. As long as Mono or the .NET framework can run on your computer, then our software will work. Nearly all of our software is open source, so why not dive in and start writing the next great thing?