Multiple Personalities

The DIPIO is a fully programmable logic device. The logic in the DIPIO isn't software emulated, it actually exists as a series of programmable lookup tables. These types of devices are commonly referred to as field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). We've taken a tiny FPGA and placed it on a DIP compatible circuit board. This FPGA can be configured in a nearly infinite number of different ways.

Read more about FPGAs on Wikipedia.

Simple To Use

One power, one ground - these two connections are all it takes to get your DIPIO up and running. The DIPIO is configured with a basic array of logic gates to start. Connect the DIPIO to your computer via the USB Mini to program the DIPIO into a number of included designs. You can even write your own code that can be downloaded directly on to the FPGA!

Powerful Features

The DIPIO software supplies dozens of built-in designs, which can be downloaded to your DIPIO in just a few seconds. The DIPIO retains state, and will power up with your design even when not connected to a computer. This allows you to configure multiple devices from a single USB Mini! With the DIPIO, the Universe is the limit. Some projects we've created are as simple as NAND gates and as complicated as 8 bit microprocessors!

Cross Platform

Do you use a Mac? That's cool, we have Macs too! How about a Windows computer? Check! Or, is a flavour of Linux your cup of tea? As long as Mono can be compiled for your computer, then our software will work for you! We use open source tools where possible, and use the cross platform LibUSB drivers for high speed USB communication. We also supply source code and examples for many common programming languages, so you can write your own code to talk to your DIPIO!