The DIPIO board is a DIP compatibile FPGA that can emulate many different types of logic, including most of the 7400 library, and custom functions! Perfect for anyone looking to get into FPGA development, or anyone who needs a handful of customisable logic gates in a DIP package.

  • USB Mini

    USB Mini

    The USB Mini acts as the programmer for the DIPIO, but moonlights as a very capable I2C and SPI communicator! We provide full C# and MATLAB bindings, with compatibility for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux - so you're ready to go the moment you plug it in.

  • Prototyping

    Prototyping Supplies

    From breadboards to LEDs, we stock a wide variety of common electrical components that can be shipped with your order! We also provide fully stocked packages based on our tutorials and community designs.