About HTTPS When you are browsing the internet most of your web traffic is served via a standard protocol known as HTTP. This protocol allows data to move between computers connected on the internet. The problem is that it is hard to verify what computer you are talking to. How do you prove that a computer is who it says it is? Also - how do you know that someone didn't intercept your data and tamper with it?

These were big (and difficult) questions when the internet first started to handle sensitive data. There became a need for this sensitive data (such as credit card and banking information) to be transmitted between computers securely. There was also a need for computers to identify themselves and to be able to prove who they said they were.

A new protocol called HTTPS was born, where the 'S' stands for 'Secure'. Websites that support the https protocol ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and transmitted in such a way that noone can tamper with it. This ensures that your credit card information is safe, and that our pages appear as they should.

MDS Instruments uses HTTPS by default for all shopping transactions. We even go a step further by using a top-grade payment processor who handles all credit card information, with their own levels of security, including HTTPS. We also support full HTTPS browsing on our website. All of our content can be viewed securely and via encryption by simply switching to our https://mdsinstruments.com domain.

If you are browsing the site unsecurely you will see a small notification at the bottom of the page letting you know that you can enable HTTPS browsing. While browsing in HTTPS mode you will notice a small padlock in your website address bar of your browser.

Check out this great wikipedia article on HTTPS for more information.

Now that you know all about it, why not make the switch? https://mdsinstruments.com